Entering XBMC device connection settings

The XBMC Touch configuration settings below allow the app to access and control your XBMC device. You need to enter these values for each XBMC device you want to control from the XBMC Touch app. 

  • Name (required): This is the friendly name of XBMC device, as it will appear in the XBMC Touch app. The name doesn't have to match the name of the XBMC device itself.  
  • IP Address (required): This is the IP address of your XBMC device. You can find this in XBMC: under System, open System info and then select Summary.  
  • Port (optional): This is the HTTP port used to communicate with your XBMC device. It is usually (but not always) 8080 or 80. To find the port for your XBMC device, go to System, open Settings, select Services, and then select Webserver
  • TCP Port (optional):  This it the TCP port used to receive communications from your XBMC device to the app. The default is 9090.
  • Username and Password (optional): If your XBMC device is password protected, you need to enter the username and password credentials here. To find the username and password for your XBMC device, go to System, open Settingsselect Services, and then select Webserver.

Depending on the configuration of your network, you may be able to avoid entering the above setting manually by tapping Search for XBMC devices. This scans your local network for XBMC devices that publish their information via Bonjour.

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