Preparing your XBMC Media Center

Before you can use XMBC Touch to control your XBMC Media Center, you first need to verify that your XBMC Media Center is configured properly. 

  1. In XBMC, under System open Settings
  2. Click Services and then click Webserver
  3. For the Webserver settings: 
    1. Select the Allow control of XBMC via HTTP. 
    2. Enter the port number on which XBMC will be controlled. This needs to be an unused port on the computer (for example, 8888). If you see an error after entering the port, try entering a different port number. 
    3. Enter a username and password. These are the credentials that XBMC Touch will use to access the XBMC Media Center. 
  4. Make note of the port, the username, and password; you will need to remember these when you set up the XBMC Touch.

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